What Are the Best Salon Towels to Use?

In the realm of salon towels, the choices may seem endless, but finding the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and functionality is essential. In this blog post, we delve into the best salon towels, exploring the various types, materials, and considerations that go into selecting the right ones for your salon.

5 Considerations to Find the Perfect Salon Towel

Selecting the perfect salon towel involves careful consideration of several key factors. We’ve outlined the most crucial factors below. 


In a hair salon, the choice of colored towels goes beyond mere aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall client experience. Colored towels not only contribute to the salon's visual appeal but also serve practical purposes. The distinct hues can be strategically employed to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that specific towels are used for designated tasks such as hair coloring, cutting, or styling. 

This systematic approach promotes hygiene and professionalism, instilling confidence in clients that their salon prioritizes cleanliness and attention to detail.


Absorbent towels play a pivotal role in quickly and effectively absorbing excess moisture from clients' hair, allowing stylists to work seamlessly and achieve optimal results. Beyond functionality, absorbent towels contribute to the overall comfort of the client experience by minimizing the time spent waiting for hair to dry. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reflects the salon's commitment to providing a high-quality service that values both time and comfort. 

With absorbent towels as an indispensable asset, a hair salon can elevate its service standards and create a more enjoyable and efficient styling process for both clients and stylists alike.

Towel Properties

In the world of salon essentials, the properties of salon towels, particularly their texture and weight, are integral factors that can significantly impact the overall client experience. The texture of a towel contributes to the sensory aspect of the salon visit, with a plush and soft feel enhancing the sense of luxury. 

Moreover, a gentle texture is crucial for client comfort during hair treatments. On the other hand, the weight of towels plays a role in their absorbency and durability. Lightweight towels are often preferred for quick drying and easy handling, while heavier towels may offer a more substantial feel and durability.


Having an ample supply of towels is essential for maintaining a seamless and hygienic salon operation. Sufficient quantities ensure that stylists can readily access clean towels for various services, whether it be haircuts, coloring, or styling. This not only enhances the efficiency of salon processes but also reflects positively on the professionalism of the establishment. Moreover, a surplus of towels allows for quick turnover between clients, promoting a clean and inviting atmosphere.


Choosing the right size is crucial to meet the diverse needs of salon services. Larger towels are often preferred for hair treatments and styling, providing ample coverage and versatility. On the other hand, smaller towels may be more suitable for tasks like blotting or cleaning up minor spills. Striking a balance in towel size ensures that stylists have the tools they need for specific services, contributing to an efficient and well-organized salon environment.


Here’s a List of 4 Excellent Towels for Your Salon

When it comes to outfitting your salon with the right towels, it's essential to consider the specific needs of different salon services. Here are several types of towels that cater to various functions within a salon.

Cotton Towels

white hand towel

Known for their natural softness, cotton towels provide a luxurious touch that enhances the overall salon experience for clients. The absorbent nature of cotton makes it an ideal choice for various salon services, from haircuts to hair coloring, ensuring efficient moisture absorption without causing discomfort. 

Additionally, the durability of cotton towels makes them a reliable investment for salons, withstanding frequent use and washing. Opting for high-quality, 100% cotton towels not only elevates the tactile experience for clients but also reflects a commitment to providing top-notch service in a salon that values both functionality and luxury.

Bleach-Safe Rags

Bleach-safe rags emerge as indispensable assets in the salon environment, especially where hair coloring and chemical treatments are routine. These specialized rags are crafted to withstand the harsh effects of bleach and other salon chemicals, ensuring longevity and color-fastness. 

Their unique composition enables them to maintain their integrity even after repeated exposure to bleach, preventing unwanted discoloration or deterioration. By incorporating bleach-safe rags into salon practices, professionals can confidently tackle color treatments without worrying about damage to their essential tools.

Microfiber Towels

microfiber cloth (3)

Microfiber towels offer a perfect blend of practicality and performance. Renowned for their exceptional absorbency, microfiber towels quickly and efficiently soak up moisture, making them ideal for hair drying and styling. 

The ultra-fine fibers in microfiber towels also contribute to a soft and gentle texture, enhancing the comfort of clients during salon services. Moreover, these towels are lightweight and quick-drying, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for stylists.

Disposable Rags


Disposable rags are a practical solution for maintaining hygiene and efficiency in salon settings. Designed for one-time use, these rags offer a convenient and sanitary option for various salon tasks, from cleaning surfaces to handling hair coloring and chemical treatments. 

Their disposable nature eliminates the need for washing and ensures a fresh, uncontaminated tool for each client. This not only streamlines salon operations but also aligns with strict hygiene standards, particularly in environments where cross-contamination is a concern.


Avoid These Salon Towel Mistakes

Salon towels play a crucial role in creating a positive client experience and maintaining a professional environment. However, several common mistakes related to salon towels can compromise this experience. We’ve listed the top ones below. 

Washing too many towels at once

Overloading the washing machine can compromise the effectiveness of the wash, preventing proper detergent distribution and hindering thorough cleaning. This oversight may result in towels retaining product residues, odors, or even bacteria, impacting their overall freshness and hygiene.

Furthermore, overcrowded washing loads can lead to increased wear and tear on the towels, reducing their lifespan and diminishing their absorbency over time.

Using the wrong detergent

Some detergents may contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, or additives that can negatively interact with salon products, leading to skin irritation for clients or compromising the towels' absorbency. Additionally, certain detergents may leave residues that affect the texture and performance of the towels. It's essential to choose a mild, fragrance-free detergent designed for sensitive fabrics to preserve the integrity of salon towels. Overlooking this detail can result in towels that not only fall short of their functionality but also fail to meet the hygiene and comfort standards expected in a salon setting.

Adding fabric softener

While fabric softeners may seem like a go-to for creating soft and luxurious textures, they can have detrimental effects on the performance of salon towels. Fabric softeners can leave a residue on the towels, diminishing their absorbency and rendering them less effective in drying hair or skin. 

This mistake can be particularly problematic in a salon environment, where quick and efficient towel performance is crucial. Instead of fabric softeners, salon professionals are better off using a mild detergent to preserve the towels' absorbent qualities while maintaining a fresh and clean feel.

Using towels incorrectly

Misusing salon towels is a common mistake that can compromise both their functionality and the overall client experience. Towels designated for specific purposes, such as hair cutting, coloring, or styling, should be used accordingly to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Using a towel meant for hair coloring during a haircut, for example, can transfer chemicals and affect the quality of the haircut. 

It's essential for salon professionals to educate themselves and their staff on the correct usage of towels to ensure they contribute positively to the salon's operations and uphold the standards of cleanliness and professionalism expected by clients.

Applying harsh chemicals to towels

Harsh chemicals, such as strong bleaches or aggressive cleaning agents, can compromise the fabric's integrity, leading to premature wear and tear. This not only reduces the towels' lifespan but may also affect their absorbency and texture. Further, residual chemicals on towels can pose a risk to clients' skin, potentially causing irritation or discomfort during salon services. 

It's crucial for salon professionals to choose cleaning products specifically formulated for salon textiles, ensuring effective sanitation without compromising the towels' performance or jeopardizing the well-being of clients.


Discover High-Quality Towels for Your Salon

Navigating the spectrum of towel options allows salon professionals to not only elevate the client experience but also streamline operational efficiency. Whether opting for the luxurious softness of cotton, the high-performance attributes of microfiber, or the practicality of disposable or bleach-safe rags, each choice contributes to the overall success of a salon. 

At Coastal Wipers, we are committed to providing the best salon towels to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more!